What is Eats and Treats ?


The Eats and Treats project was developed by the Bolsover Fighting Poverty Forum with a view to engage with and support vulnerable families within the Bolsover District. Using evidence from the Bolsover District Health Locality Plan and the Bolsover Food Poverty Strategy to inform activity, a working group came together to develop the project and include the following themes: 

  • Cooking skills and healthy affordable eating 
  • Fuel and food poverty 
  • Illegal money lending 
  • Further education taster sessions 
  • Poverty and debt 
  • Budget management 
  • Local support services and opportunities 

 Two pilot events were held in; Shirebrook (May 2014) and Bolsover (March 2015). These events were considered to be successful and lead to the Bolsover Partnership commissioning four Eats and Treats events which were subsequently delivered across the Bolsover district.  


 In October 2016, a further contract was awarded by the Bolsover Partnership to deliver ten Eats and Treats events throughout the Bolsover District until 30th September 2018, with two of these events to target a new audience, however the organisation that was awarded the contract closed down, in January 2018.  In April 2018, a further contract to deliver five events was awarded to Community Action Bolsover CIC.  

 Whilst a start up company, established in March 2018, the staff had extensive knowledge of the statutory and Voluntary sector across the District as well as the delivery of successful Eats and Treats events.  

 As of April 2019,  events have been delivered in; Whitwell, Shirebrook, Creswell, Pinxton and Hillstown.


  The events continue to go to strength to strength and have attracted over 300 attendees, almost 100 service providers, over 40 volunteers and a Social Return of Investment (SROI) of over £100,000. The events continue to be underpinned with a fighting poverty theme but now also have an overarching theme of Five Ways to Well being, five things that people can do, for free, to improve their own overall health and well being.